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         Touch screen has been the interphase of game machine.It make the user pay more attention on the
screen,not on the hands and eyes.
    Advantages of Etwo touch game machine
    Flexibility of the game machine:Use touch game machine,you can operating many different can
switch the different game though the different software,do not need change the machines.Supply perceptual i
nterphase for the game user.
    Credible:The quality and the dependability decrease the ROCOF Rate of Occurrence of Failure.Save time and
     Safe,durable in use:It's a very good element for the game machine.stop from scratching the machine by
rings or coins.It can still work and identify the touch area accurately if there is some scratch.The safe touch screen
can endure the strong strike,ensure the safe of the user and the benefit of the owner.
    Dustproof and waterproof:design according to the environment,avoid the effect of food or beverage.
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Applications / Self-service game machine
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